Call for Essays on Ways to Link Planning and "Climate-Proof" Sustainable Development
How can cities in North and South America employ urban planning to develop in sustainable ways?

How can cities in North and South America employ urban planning practices to develop in sustainable ways? Photo by

The American Planning Association (APA) released a call for essays on the link between climate change and urban planning. APA leads  an initiative of the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas, a set of projects designed to foster low-carbon economic growth and development. APA’s role is to mobilize support for urban planning (institutionally, technically and through policies and activities) to address climate change and energy consumption.

To support the ECPA urban planning capacity building intiative, APA is seeking essays that answer the following question:

“What are the largest barriers to implementing sustainable, climate-proof, energy efficient development across the America and the Caribbean, and how might the planning profession best respond to these challenges?”

The best essays, according to the press release, will draw upon case studies, best practices and innovative planning, and show a knowledge of urban planning issues in the Americas and the Carribean. Two selected essays will receive recognition at the National Planning Conference in Boston in April. The authors will receive complimentary registration to the conference and a $500 stipend.

The essays should be no more than 2,000 words. Applicants are open to students and professionals in the field for less than five years. Entrants must also be members of the ECPA Professional and Academic Urban Planning Network.

Essays are due on February 18, 2011. For more information, head to the ECPA website.

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