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BRT in Indore, India
Bus rapid transit buses win battle with cars in Indore
This article was originally published in the Deccan Herald on February 25, 2015. After five years of construction, Indore opened one of India’s few bus rapid transit (BRT) systems in May 2013. Operations started with a fraction of the total ...
Launching the iBus: How public outreach led to transport success in Indore, India
This post originally appeared on WRI Insights. Indore, India—nicknamed “Mini Bombay”—is a booming city of two million people. The city’s rapidly growing population has created serious problems, including increased road congestion, travel delays, traffic accidents, and environmental degradation. Enter the “iBus.” Indore’s new Bus ...
Celebrating 100 days on iBus in Indore.
Opinion: 100 days of Indore’s iBus BRT
Indore’s Collector Akash Tripathi shares his opinions on Indore’s iBus BRT system, launched 100 days ago. Photo by EMBARQ. When I assumed my post as the Collector of Indore, the new bus rapid transit (BRT) project was the most pressing ...
Start Young on BRTS Social Media Promotion
Start Young on BRTS Social Media Promotion
 Photo via the Sustainable Cities Collective. India is a young nation. More than half of its 1.2 billion people are under the age of 25, and two-thirds are below 35. According to an estimate, 85 percent of young India is ...
Has the bus rapid transit tipping point arrived in India?
Has the bus rapid transit tipping point arrived in India?
Ahmedabad’s bus rapid transit system served as a model for Indore’s new iBus. Photo by Meena Kadri. During my first visit to India in 2006, I presented Latin American experiences with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) at a conference organized by ...
Trial runs launched on the iBus bus rapid transit corridor, Indore, India. Photo by Dario Hidalgo.
iBus, a new BRT changing the transport landscape in Indore, India
Last month, India’s newest bus rapid transit (BRT) system – iBus – launched trial operations in Indore. Over the last seven years, the implementing agency, Atal Indore City Transport Services Limited (AICTSL) worked closely with several public and private agencies, ...
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