Call For Papers: 5th International Conference on Women's Issues in Transportation

Key issues for women in transportation, such as employment and security, will be highlighted at the 2014 conference. Photo by Thomas Leth-Olsen.

In conjunction with the Transportation Research Board, the Transportation Research Arena and Women’s Issues In Transportation, the 5th International Conference on Women’s Issues in Transportation is calling for abstracts to be presented at the conference in April 2014 in Paris.

The conference will bring together various stakeholders of the transport sector—leaders of international organizations, researchers, elected officials, transit operators—to share the latest results in research, best practices and analysis of transport policy.

The conference’s focus areas:

  • Transport policy, transport patterns and mobility
  • Health, safety and personal security
  • Sustainability
  • Transportation impacts on careers

The conference revolves around these three themes:

  • Gender research issues
  • Converting research findings into tangible policy
  • Narrowing the gap between developed and developing countries with respect to women’s issues in transportation

If you have relevant research that can be highlighted at this conference, send in your abstract by  November 19, 2012. Abstracts can be submitted here.

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